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From start-ups seeking essential back office and admin support, to large corporate organisations looking to outsource their entire infrastructure, SmartPA has proved invaluable to companies of all sizes.

Meet some of our Partners here or take a look at some recent case studies below.

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Jonathan Payne

Managing Director, Laings

I’ve found SmartPA to be the ideal solution to fulfil our PA requirements. As with many businesses, the demands we place on a PA can vary dramatically, sometimes too much for one person, sometimes not enough. SmartPA have proven to have the flexibility and resource to instantly cope with those challenges; whether that be arranging meetings or business trips or even supporting with a wholescale change of documentation. They are always responsive, professional, accurate and timely.
Add to that the time they take to understand our key people as well as our business and you have an ideal business partner.

Emma Lennox

Director, Kingsford Estates

SmartPA’s support services play a vital role in the day-to-day running of our business. Each delegated task is actioned quickly and efficiently, with unparalleled professionalism. We really value having reliable, expert support that is both flexible and cost effective for the business.

Nilesh Mistry

Managing Director, Devex Consulting

SmartPA have increased my productivity and ability to run multiple projects with minimal stress. I have found SmartPA to be most responsive and efficient and would not hesitate to recommend them.

Ian Hutchison

Director, Merlin ERD

SmartPA helped us transform our business from me, the kitchen table and a laptop to the leading supplier of Advanced Drilling Engineering Services to the Oil and Gas industry, with 34 personnel, multi-million pound business with 550% growth over the last 4 years, at consistent margin and a Queens Award for Enterprise. SmartPA is as good as they get.

Mary Brosnan

Founder, Snug Nurseries

When I approached SmartPA, I was in admin meltdown! Starting a business went from bits and pieces of everything to full a blown customer facing business virtually overnight. I needed urgent admin support and not having the time to interview someone, I took to Google, sent off a desperate email on a Sunday night and by Wednesday afternoon of the same week, SmartPA were fully on board and had tackled a whole host of ad hoc admin, HR, stock piling and marketing initiatives for my company. The Calvary arrived and I went from meltdown to normal again.

Anthony Durdin

Director of Operations, Velocity Consulting

We liked the flexibility of having full-time admin support for only a fraction of the cost. We now have the best of both worlds in that we always have SmartPA on the end of a phone without the fully loaded burden of an employee – it’s exactly what we wanted to achieve to allow me to focus on more important things like revenue and actually running the business.

Tracy Sawyerr

SmartPA Partner

I like to be challenged by my work but started to realise that over the years I'd stopped doing what I enjoyed most – being organised and helping others to organise their business lives so I looked for a new option and joined SmartPA in 2016. The training course provided by Head Office was great, and brought me up to speed on how the PA network and positions have developed over the years and how best to provide services now.

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