Welcome to our June news summary - your chance to look back over some of the stories that caught our eye from the last month regarding admin and the benefits of remote working.

Our founder, Sarra Bejaoui, gave an educational webinar a few weeks ago, all about the power of the remote workforce. Perfect for any business owner, it was full of helpful tips tailored to your growing business and the virtual admin you need as you expand. Whether your business is in its infancy or you’re in a big growth phase, Sarra had the right advice on how to utilise a remote workforce to your best advantage. Don’t worry that you missed it the first time round, we recorded it so you can access it whenever you need!

We thought a lot about working from home in June. Remote working is always a hot topic at SmartPA HQ because our SmartPA’s all work from home and support clients’ virtual admin needs from across the globe. To succeed in working productively and effectively, there are some helpful habits you can get into. Read this helpful blog from Moo, all about how to work from home effectively. This will be useful to you if you’re considering a career change or if you’re already a successful virtual assistant needing some fresh inspiration - it happens to all of us!

Forbes also released a helpful article which shared some similar handy hints. Motivation is key to maintaining a high standard of client care and to stay productive during the work week, so we shared this handy blog to give you 5 ways to stay motivated when you work remotely

Running your own business can involve a lot of juggling. Whether you’re running an established admin support business or you’ve just launched your new tech start up, the to do list stays just as long! This piece from Wired has some really helpful advice on how to manage your time like a pro. Sometimes, to be the best, you’ve got to learn from the best!

Everyone has experienced that feeling when you just keep putting something off. Whether its some boring admin or a time-consuming project, we all sometimes need a bit of a motivational kick to get on and just do it. We’ve all had those tasks that hang over your head but keep getting put off for something else - it’s often these tasks which might not have headline-grabbing results that can really make a difference to your business as usual. This infographic from Hubspot will help you start tasks you’ve been avoiding.

The last piece in our news round up for June is one of our own blogs - all about the positive impact of a strong morning routine. We can’t all be morning people (unfortunately), but we can enforce a strict pre-work structure that will help you get up and make the most out of each day. Read our blog to hear all about what successful people do before 8am

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