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Yes. We do not hot desk.  Support is personal to you, your business and your brand. Hot-desking dilutes this support.  In addition, you will have a dedicated Account Manager working with you and your virtual assistant.

We recruit administrators from a middle management background who have real experience in the business world. We have also standardized the quality of work offered through our accredited training program.  We are more than happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

This is the true value of the SmartPA business model. On these occasions, the seamless SmartPA network kicks in. Your VA collaborates and completes a full handover to another team member to ensure there is no drop in support during holidays and sickness.

Our administrators are supported by H.O. where we allocate a new VA should the need arise.  This VA will start immediately to ensure a seamless transition.

Rather than an hourly rate which can result in escalating costs for your business, we work with you to create an allocation of hours for use across the course of the month at a fixed price.  These hours can be used on any task, at any point in the month. You are free to scale this package of hours up or down as required. 

From our initial call, your Account Manager will build an understanding of your business and the support you require.  He or she will then assign you the best VA from our network. It is part of our value-added service at Head Office, as is the Account Manager who works with you and your VA. 

By understanding more about you and your business. Our Head Office team has more than 50 years combined experience in business administration, we can predict how many hours are required to complete the tasks you require. However, flexibility is a service value at SmartPA, so we monitor packages each month to ensure you receive great value for money with your VA.

Our virtual assistants have been trained to deliver tasks efficiently. The benefit of this to your business is that tasks take less time to do than if you were to do them yourself.  Real-time reporting enables your VA to demonstrate that the hours paid for are used effectively.

We do not transfer unused hours from month to month, but this is at the discretion of your Account Manager (especially in exceptional circumstances). We aim to be as proactive as possible to help you delegate work and manage your admin each month.

If you exceed your package, there is a charge of € 33 per additional hour used. If this is a growing trend, your Account Manager will suggest a more cost effective package.

Head Office will allocate a new VA should the need arise.  Your new virtual assistant will be available to start work immediately to ensure a seamless transition.

All our VA’s use real time reporting to give clients full visibility of their activities. You will receive a report on a weekly basis to outline tasks completed detailed to the minute.

Our team is Information Commissioner Office registered and has undertaken GDPR training. We will happily complete a non-disclosure agreement.  As part of our Training Academy we teach and assess best practice in terms of data management.

Yes there is a contract and our standard terms are for 90 days.