We all know the feeling.

It is Monday morning. You sip your first coffee of the day and open your inbox and see a never-ending list of new emails.

There’s just one problem. Answering these will take hours, time that you just cannot spare. You have work to do. Virtual meetings to attend. Deadlines to meet.

How are you ever going to find the time to read and answer all these? Well, if you outsource your inbox – you don’t have to.

Keep reading to learn all the reasons why outsourcing your email management might be the best decision you’ve made. And yes, there are many more benefits that just saving you time!

Filter Unimportant or Nuisance Emails

Pretty much everyone receives unsolicited emails, so finding that one important email that you absolutely need can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Can anyone be organised when dealing with so much unnecessary information? The answer, they can’t. Information overloads cause stress and anxiety, which isn’t how you need to start your day.

A virtual assistant will organise your inbox, filtering unimportant or nuisance emails, organising your folders, prioritising your emails, and generally making your life so much easier.

Protect Against Online Threats

Most of us are savvy to suspicious emails, like the ones which say they’ve got an amazing investment opportunity for you that’ll be sure to make you a millionaire – after you send them your life savings.

We all need to be wary of phishing. But with scammers becoming increasingly sophisticated, it can sometimes be impossible to figure out what is legitimate.

Someone who knows online threats inside out could be a lifesaver.

Having a virtual assistant manage your inbox can help ensure your data isn’t corrupted or stolen. They’re wise to all the tricks and can help protect your business against online threats.

Improve Customer Service

Going the extra mile means removing the traffic jams en route. Strive to provide the absolute best customer service and your business will thrive.

Customers don’t just want to feel valued - they expect it. Quickly and thoroughly dealing with email enquiries is just one way for businesses to improve their customer service.

Efficient email management services instil consumer confidence and strengthen your brand.

Optimise Productivity

Just think about it for a moment. How often do you check your emails every day? Ten times? 20? 50? There’s nothing wrong with checking emails, but those few minutes here and there you spend checking emails add up.

Ten minutes a day is almost an hour a week. Thirty minutes a day equates to two and a half hours a week spent just spent browsing emails.

Can your business afford to waste two and a half hours a week?

Even minute counts when running a successful business. Hire a virtual assistant to take care of all your email management and you’ll potentially save hours a week – time that could be better spent on other, more vital areas of the business.

Why Wouldn’t you Outsource Your Inbox?

Outsource your inbox and your business will be better organised, safer, provide an admired level of service to customers, and be more efficient.

Can’t really ask for more than that, can you?

Email management services shouldn’t just be an afterthought to your service. They should be front and centre in your service offerings.

Contact SmartPA and learn more today.