There is a good reason a custom-made suit or made-to-measure gown feels more luxurious.

Not necessarily that the cloth is any more extravagant than in those outfits available straight off the peg. Or constructed with any less care.

The rise of bespoke admin solutions is the result of a well-established industry, moving forward with developing business trends.

The perfect fit in business services is tailor-made

The absolutely perfect fit without a millimetre of material wasted. This is why an expert tailor would argue, it is a product worth the premium it commands.

Rightly so.

Because how many of us have expensive outfits or fashion pieces sitting unloved in the closet because they didn’t fit quite as majestically upon our return home from the store? Designed and made for the median not the individual, there is always the risk that it ends up as money flushed down the drain.

So why, in the business world, does the option on the hanger so often get chosen over the bespoke little number without looking at the true value of Option A and B?

What does a bespoke admin solution mean?

Picking the customary solution over the custom-made answer, based solely on pounds and pence rather than investment versus return, is a folly best avoided.

The new metrics of consumption are focused on personalisation. Services for you, with you in mind, with your innate needs utmost.

Nothing plucked off the shelf or rehashing an approach that’s ‘standard’ or ‘proven’ for the sake of “just because”.

In a world of unlimited choice, so many companies still default to ‘the way it’s always been’ rather than seeking out an imaginative option that’s created specifically for them.

Even though, in the quest for competitive advantage, it’s a touch of differentiation that truly sets us apart.

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How virtual assistants are best placed

It’s one reason why the concept of virtual assistants has exploded in recent times, with its perks of flexibility and full productivity.

Where once a secretary sat behind a desk, now there are 21st-century alternatives like call handling and remote PAs who are embedded into clients’ businesses, enhancing their experience, but doing so in an efficient and effective way.

Processes are adopted to the finest detail. Often, even improved upon. Services outsourced not simply to save money but because it is – above all – a sharper and seamless fit.

Experts - not employed by us, but working for us. A better balance.

At home, it is increasingly rare to pick up the Radio Times and then ensure we are sat on the soft at the time our favourite programme is broadcast. It is an on-demand universe. We construct our own TV guide. Often one that skips past the adverts and maximises our time. Less Saturday Night Takeaway, more scoffing what tickles our taste buds without the plastic tub of salad we didn’t ask for and that will end up in the bin.

The change facing outsourcing

Even in areas such as business process outsourcing or bookkeeping, or general administration services, there is still a tendency to force us to order off the set menu rather than help ourselves liberally to the buffet. It creates waste. The potential for dissatisfaction in the customer experience. It’s not what someone does, it’s how they do it which is paramount.

We like what we like. We want what we want. Why should we settle for anything different when it comes to the workplace when our appetite for value and service is just as healthy?

That’s why custom-made should be about more than just a badge with your name on it. Or a splash of customisation on a blob of something pre-prepared. Especially if we want to stand out from the masses and generate loyalty and an enhanced user experience.

Much of that special connection comes from chemistry and mutual understanding, of going the extra mile to be part of your story rather than re-telling your own brags around the campfire.

Of stitching two pieces of fabric together with the care needed to avoid any loose threads.

That’s when you can look in the mirror and see a creation that fits like a glove. The best feeling, the special one.

Satisfaction, and nothing else. Tailor-made.

How SmartPA can help

Delegate your admin to-do list to our expert virtual PAs and streamline your business costs. With over 10 years of experience, you can use our services to ensure their administrative tasks are completed accurately and on time.

Getting the right person to support your business does not need to be difficult and costs less than you think.

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