Each month, we profile one of our valued SmartPA People who will explain what they do and what they like about working here.

Name: Anna Laing

Job: Client Support Executive

Which means I …. Support clients with telephony and admin support daily

The most enjoyable part of my day is … Hearing people’s stories while speaking to them. Every call is different and we treat each one with the care it deserves.

My most memorable moment at SmartPA was … My first day in the office at HQ. Everyone made me feel so welcome and it was nice to walk into a positive environment with friendly staff.

The best help a colleague has given me is … so much. My team is always there to answer any questions I have, no matter how small. We work so well together.

The craziest thing I’ve ever done (that I can share) is … Myself and my friend gave each other matching tattoos from a kit we bought off from Amazon. Mine is a butterfly.

The thing I’m most proud of is … Winning 1st place numerous times at the UK Dancing Championships. We owned the floor. I also created a video on TikTok that’s garnered over a million views. That was incredible.


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My life ambition is … To travel the world with my best friend and live abroad for at least one year. Probably in Australia or Asia.

Working at SmartPA means … Always being supported by colleagues no matter what the challenge is.

The value we have that resonates most with me is … Thriving on positive energy.

Being Unstoppable Together means … Not letting difficult or tough days effect our work ethic. We always remain an upbeat and happy team.

My favourite customer story is … Malachi is an amazing client who supports families and young people through a range of counselling. As a first point of contact, we are very supportive and understanding while listening to people’s stories and hearing what they have to say. Because often this is the first time they speak up about what they are wishing help for.

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Each month, we profile one of our valued SmartPA People who will explain what they do and what they like about working here.
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