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The Future of Personal Assistants and Tech

The Future Of The Pa

Virtual self-support services are in demand

The pace of change in recent years has been like nothing we have ever seen. With the advent of remote and agile working practices driven by world events and new technology, the need for in person workspaces is in decline. The demand for our services has increased by almost 30% in the past year, with the need for flexibility and cost reduction at the forefront of business needs.

These changes to the working world create unique opportunities for a new era of business support. Outsourcing has given companies the opportunity to reduce cost, scale effectively and enhance user experience. With the cultural mindset shifting towards remote working practices, technology has supported this trend and the search term ‘virtual administrative assistant’ has grown +170% in the past 12 months.


Instant ease of connectivity and accountability

The nervousness that business managers once experienced when considering outsourcing has been replaced by the satisfaction of receiving real-time utilisation reports, giving them the accurate data they need to allocate and pivot resource to get the right level of talent on tasks, deliver on time and avoid unnecessary overspend. With intelligent communication tools, businesses can now tap into professional support as and when suits them, without the need to compensate core hours or endure the often-lengthy recruitment and  onboarding process.

LinkedIn profiles, video calling, and instant messaging also allow companies to get to know their virtual assistant and performance of service in a way that was not possible previously. Having advanced technology touchpoints now makes it far easier and secure for remote workers to integrate with in-house teams and drive real return on investment through the outsourcing of business administration services.


Bringing agility and tailored capability

At SmartPA, we embrace changing technology and the benefits it brings to delivering services efficiently and intuitively. Our support specialists integrate with your team seamlessly and work using your preferred software and chosen blend of services, adapting to change our mix of skills, time and and tasks with the changing needs of your business environment - whether that is during busy periods, or on an ongoing basis. We work with your business to provide a tailored package and ensure that we are delivering the support you need, when you need it.

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