How diary management from SmartPA can help you

Your needs are unique. We will integrate seamlessly into your existing diary system, or if you don’t have one, our team will help create and manage one for you.

Unlike many other secretarial services, we don’t just offer to book, change or check appointments for you. We get to know you as a client and understand your needs. For example, we can:

  • Arrange lunches / refreshments
  • Create agendas
  • Produce minutes of meetings
  • Provide detailed directions and ETAs
  • Manage cancellations

Be safe in the knowledge that your schedule is being fully managed, so you don’t have to.

The benefits of diary management services

Diary management services will allow you more time to focus on your busy schedule while your SmartPA manages it for you. You will not only save time and resources, but you will also experience increased efficiency levels, which will ultimately benefit your business.

Why use remote diary management services?

By choosing remote diary management services, costs for human resources are reduced.

SmartPA integrates seamlessly into your business, meaning you receive a superior quality service that offers a great deal of flexibility to you.

"Jobs were managed with ultimate precision"
Jeanne Whatmore, Bright Lights

As a small family run company running the whole business, it was a big decision to let an outsider into the business. However, SmartPA professionally guided me through the process. Jobs were managed with ultimate precision. No adjustment was too much, all the I's and T's were dotted and to the minute. This was at the critical point in time as we were in our busy season.

Meet your SmartPA account manager

By entrusting SmartPA with your diary management needs, you will benefit from the following:

Every appointment managed and each important adjustment communicated to you, no matter where you are, ensuring you never miss a business meeting again.

Impress your business contacts with impeccably organised meetings - including proficient agendas, pre-arranged refreshments and detailed minutes – all coordinated by your SmartPA.

Why choose SmartPA?

SmartPA provides support to companies of all sizes. From start-up companies to executive level corporations, our diary management service can be provided either on a full-time or part-time basis.

We will offer you highly skilled secretaries across the UK, who are there for you whenever you need them.

If you would like any further information on the wide range of services that SmartPA can provide you and your business, contact us today.