Many business owners need assistance to help manage their workload and so, many choose to engage a personal assistant. However, have you ever thought of going virtual? Here are 14 reasons why you should hire a virtual assistant.

14 reasons a virtual assistant can be more beneficial to your business than employing a PA:

1.  You know you require assistance but you cannot afford to employ someone

2. You do not have the time or resources to recruit, hire and train a personal assistant

3. Your company does not have the physical space to accommodate an assistant

4. The cost of recruitment and on-going wages is prohibitive

5. Engaging with a virtual assistant can offer flexibility to suit peaks and troughs in your business’ performance

6. Your business need only pay for the work you actually require

7. You need a greater array of skills than just one personal assistant will be able to offer you

8. The nature of your business means that you need a personal assistant with flexible working hours

9. You need to retain a certain level of professional discretion – sensitive information that should not be circulated within your company

10. Your business saves money by only paying for productive time

11. Your company will experience as increase in productivity as in-house staff have more time to complete their work

12. Virtual Assistant services offer increased flexibility

13. You will receive concentrated, dedicated assistance

14. Good-quality virtual assistants should be trained; therefore, you will not need to train them yourself


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