Professional PA Services

Virtual PA services are a great way for your business to save money and increase productivity, however, some still don’t know just how beneficial they can be. Here are 5 myths about virtual PA services – debunked:

1. Virtual PAs are like call centres – you can expect a low-quality service.

It is true, you can find some low-quality virtual PAs, however, we would always advise you to check that they are fully trained. SmartPA offers support from an expert team that is fully accredited.

2. It is obvious to others when you are using virtual PA services – they do not fit seamlessly into your brand.

The right service provider should be able to think, act and behave like an employee. The SmartPA team are all trained to fit seamlessly into your business.

3. Remote PA services are unreliable. If your assistant is on holiday or sick, you will be left unsupported.

This can also be true of some virtual PA service providers, however, find a supplier who has a network of PAs that will always support you. SmartPA have a network of over 150 Partners throughout the UK which means you will be continuously supported.

4. You will be confined to your virtual PA’s individual skill set.

A high-quality service provider should be able to give you access to more than one PA’s skill set. For example, SmartPA can give you access to a wide team of personal assistants from a variety of different skill sets – from multilingual professionals to those with a medical or legal background.

5. You are better just employing a PA.

A remote PA can offer you substantial cost savings: no holiday or sickness pay, no desk space, no PAYE to name but a few. Additionally, a good remote service provider should be able to offer the flexibility you need.


Choosing a high-quality remote PA service can make an impressive difference to your business. Find out how SmartPA can help here.