The festive season is fast approaching, meaning that many companies are starting to plan for 2017. From a business point of view, success comes from constantly striving to improve, grow and become more profitable. We show you how to use SMART goals for your business by illustrating the 5 parameters which they are based around:

S- Specific

Be specific when setting goals as it will allow your team to focus their efforts on achieving them. In turn, this will increase productivity.

M- Measurable

After specifying what you want to achieve, ensure that it is measurable. By doing so, you will be able to determine your progress. Reassess your goal mid-year to allow you to drive your ambition forward or adjust it. By making adjustments you will decrease the likelihood of abandoning your goal completely.

A- Attainable

Throughout this process, it is important to ensure that your goal is attainable. If goals are unrealistic, it can have a negative impact on your team’s confidence and morale. Think about what skills your team already have, how you can develop them and how these can assist you in growing and achieving your business goals.

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R- Relevant

Your goals should be relevant to your business in order to help it succeed. Uncontrollable influences should be taken into account here – for example, your market could experience reduced economic power which could have an impact on your business goals, yet this would be through no controllable circumstances of your own.

T- Time-bound

By setting a time frame on your goal, you are effectively giving yourself the parameters to do it in. This will give you the motivation to do it, decreasing the probability of surrender.

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