Most businesses wish to improve productivity and increase growth. But how can you increase growth when you are already working to full capacity? Read our case study below to find out!

Case Study: SmartPA Improving Productivity

When Mandeep Samra (Sam) contacted SmartPA he was losing the battle with an ever increasing workload and was anxious about engaging a PA following previous negative experiences.

Vibe is a rapidly expanding digital marketing franchise business that offers people the opportunity to own and run a digital marketing consultancy. Vibe train and support all of their franchisees and provide the technical development of all projects such as website and app development, SEO and social media marketing, amongst other services. They also provide ongoing monthly lead generation. As more franchisees and business came on board Sam recognised that he couldn’t continue at that level.

Sam needed a PA that he could trust with day to day activities to free him up to focus on supporting the growth of his business and his franchisees.

“I had decided that if I took the plunge to engage another PA it had to be someone who was external to my business that I could completely rely on to get tasks done and who could provide impartial advice and support. I was immediately impressed with the professionalism of SmartPA head office and how quickly they were able to understand my requirements and put me in touch with an excellent PA.”

“As an experienced business owner herself, Nicky completely understands the challenges that I’m facing on a day to day basis. She regularly pre-empts tasks and constantly makes proactive suggestions that support the development of Vibe. I have no fear about handing tasks over to her as I am confident that she will deliver them to the highest standard.”

“When I first approached SmartPA my initial desire was just to lighten the load of my To Do list, but what I’ve actually gained is so much more than I expected. Nicky is absolutely my ‘right-hand woman’ who I would happily leave to ‘hold the fort’ when I am unavailable. She takes care of an array of tasks for me from vetting all franchisee enquiries, mentoring my franchisees, developing new processes and dealing with customer issues.”

“I can now concentrate on the massive growth plans I have for Vibe in the next 12 months and over time Nicky will be getting more involved commercially in my business and we will looking to add more SmartPAs into the business to take on some of her current tasks. Having the space over the last few months to focus on the important elements of supporting my franchisees and only speaking to quality franchisee enquiries that have been fully briefed and vetted by Nicky has made an enormous difference to my productivity. I’ve even been able to book a holiday with my family!”