When working from home your day can be full of distractions. It can prove too easy to switch on the television or do some housework, and without you realising hours can easily slip by.

Below we give some quick tips for making your home a more productive and efficient work environment.

Your Office

1. Consider colour

Cooler colours such as green and blue have been shown to improve focus and efficiency. Strong colours such as red and orange are too distracting so should be avoided.

2. The importance of lighting

Natural lighting is best as increases productivity. Florescent light however, causes drowsiness so should be avoided where possible.

3. Control the temperature

The perfect temperature for your work environment is around 25C – anything warmer can cause drowsiness, anything cooler can cause distraction.

4. Invest in equipment

Invest in furniture that will make your working environment easier and comfier will increase your efficiency. For example, investing in a good chair may decrease the chance of experiencing back pain, increasing your focus on tasks.

5. Eliminate distractions

Remove the television – the temptation of switching it on can lead to hours of wasted time. Ensuring you have a door that you can close over helps to avoid distraction from children and pets.

Your Desk

1. Stock up

Always keep supplies such as printer paper and ink topped up to avoid panicked trips to the shop mid-way through your working day.

2. Keep plants

Plants have been proven to increase productivity, decrease stress levels and cleanse the air of pollution.

3. Play music

Playing your favourite music in the background can improve your concentration on tasks that you may find menial. Classical or instrumental music can improve concentration on harder tasks.

4. Inspire yourself

Personalise your office space with photos, quotes and mementos that will boost your mood when you are having a hard day.


1. Stick to a routine

Keeping to a routine will help to organise time, improve efficiency and increase motivation.

2. Get dressed

Getting dressed for the day will improve productivity. Additionally, a client may organise an impromptu conference call!

3. Eat well

By replacing sugary snack such as biscuits and replacing them with healthy ones such as nuts, you will be giving your body added nutrients – ultimately improving your body’s functions. Ensure that you are also staying hydrated – you should aim for at least 2-3 litres of water a day.

4. Take brief breaks

Taking regular breaks is vital for maintaining productivity. However, keep them brief.