SmartPA outsourced services

Have you seen SmartPA in April’s edition of EasyJet’s in-flight magazine, The Traveller? If you have not been flying with the airline this month, don’t worry!

SmartPA’s Sarra Bejaoui, spoke to EasyJet about SmartPA’s unique proposition and how we can help businesses improve productivity levels. Discover the interview below:

EJ: Improving productivity levels is important to most business owners, how can SmartPA help?

SB: Not only can we reduce costs, we can increase workflow as you only pay for the work your SmartPA completes. You will also likely find that your in-house staff have more time to complete their work, improving your company’s productivity levels.

EJ: What makes SmartPA unique?

SB: SmartPA has a large and talented network – our team are from a variety of different backgrounds, and have middle management experience. This means that you will have access to the largest skill set in the marketplace, including specialist skills such as bookkeeping and translation. What’s more, unlike the majority of remote PA services, all of our SmartPAs are required to complete our Training & Accreditation Programme, meaning you enjoy a professional and seamless service.

EJ: Is it true that your services are non-profit?

SB: Yes! We’re proud of the fact that we can support our clients in such a way – which is more common than you may think in corporate organisations. It also allows us to support the SmartPA partnership in ways that most companies never could.

EJ: So you’re a people-centric company, what do your people say?

“The training ensured I was prepared for the variety of tasks that I could be asked to undertake.”

Juliet Cooper, SmartPA Partner

“My SmartPA has been excellent: highly efficient, very quick to respond, very reliable and incredibly helpful all round.”

Natasha Black, SmartPA Client


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