We often get asked what types of businesses SmartPA support. Jacqui Strachan, a SmartPA Partner, shows the variety of tasks that we can help with. Read her story here:

" One of my clients owns a fairly new entertainment company, before SmartPA there was no payroll, no formal accounts package and they didn’t have any tracking or management of expenditure.  The CEO was also booking their flights and travel requirements himself.

He once said to me that he and his colleague were the artistic brains and they needed someone to do the normal stuff, as long as it was always done with a certain amount of “wow”.

The first thing I did was set up a Sage One cloud-based accounting and payroll system, registered them for PAYE, obtained a Gateway Activation key and made the first formal payroll payment to them.

Then it was a case of backtracking in time to organise their accounts with the help of their accountants. After a few initial hiccups I was also able to get online banking access to their accounts which meant I was able to make the electronic payments, thus freeing him from this task, we agreed that I would send him daily account balances for all of the 6 accounts and a bi-weekly spreadsheet highlighting what invoices had become due for payment.

As time passed and their accountants took more of a normal role, the job of doing the 1/4ly VAT returns and the Annual Corporation Tax returns also fell to me.

At the turn the year, the company decided to market one of their films to a worldwide audience via Fim Festivals, I was provided with an initial list and I registered the film at over 20 international festivals and uploaded the VIMEO version for consideration.  I also started to arrange things like movie posters and the physical rewards that would be needed to be sent out to the Kickstarter backers once the film had had its international premier.

In April, the directors flew to South Africa for 12 weeks to shoot their new film.  This meant that I had to make sure the back door was safe and run things at home. The aim was to try and make things as normal as possible whilst also dealing with some of the weird and wonderful requests that were made. This was also a very stressful time for both of them with lots of demands being made of their time and attention, and I tried wherever possible to make sure that when something seemed likely to go off the rails I was there to catch it.

At this point, another of their projects also started to gain momentum - a cartoon based campaign with the aim of getting more people to sign up for Organ Donation by encouraging conversation within families. I was asked to organise an online petition through Change.org and register the characters' Trade Marks as well as set up a Paypal account for online donations. I also provided them with some initial information to hopefully help get the campaign accepted by the NHS.

It is great to see their company grow so fast, and knowing that SmartPA has helped streamline their business to allow them time to focus on what they set out to do is amazing."

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