Do you know how the administrative assistant and secretarial roles differ? Many people do not. Yet, most businesses in every sector would not be able to function without such roles. This week, we explain the difference between an admin assistant and a secretary.


Q: What is the difference between an admin assistant and a secretary?


A: A secretary’s job is clerical. Their role involves tasks such as transcription, typing up documents, copying and call handling. Their role will not involve any decision-making.

An administrative assistant’s job will cover the responsibilities of a secretary, however, their role extends far beyond clerical tasks. An admin assistant will have the ability to make judgments and decisions.

An admin assistant will most likely have the responsibility of project work for their boss. A secretary may help an admin assistant with tasks.

The most prominent difference is that an administrative assistant will supervise other team members. They will also have responsibility for arranging conferences, reviewing reports, memos, and submissions. Some admin assistants may even be tasked to prepare statistical reports.