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You want to spend more time on the parts of your job that matter most. An extra skill that’s required whenever you need it. Or, simply, you know how important it is to be cost effective without compromising your own standards or your customer’s expectations. 

If so, you’ve come to the right place. SmartPA is are here to help.  

Tell our Team how you currently work, what support you need and when you require it. Wwill design a package that works for you, providing world-class admin and business support, through our expert team and our accredited community of SmartPAs. 

Once we have agreed on a solution that’s right for youyou can bring us onboard – as soon as the same day, if need be. And we progress, you get ask us to do more, or even a little less, as your needs change. 

Our SmartPAs are our virtual executive assistants, all trained and accredited to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality of support. Their mission: to go the extra mile so that you get the help you need. Even if you have a dedicated SmartPA allocated to you, our unique offering means that you’ll always be supported, 24/7, 52 weeks of the year. No downtime for vacations, cover from our team if someone is sick. 

And our global resource means you can rely on all the specialist expertise within our SmartPA community, no matter how unusual your need.  

Your bespoke services will be precisely reported in a weekly report, so you know exactly what support SmartPA has undertaken to the exact minute. Your SmartPA is only an email or a phone call away. Check in as often as you need.

We offer a variety of packages to suit your needs, starting from just 30 minutes of usage a day. At SmartPAs, we prize our flexibility and our scale. We’re there to fit in with you or your organization’s exact demands. 

Each package includes a set number of hours but you can scale up or scale down your package throughout the year, depending on the hours of support you require. 

Yes, we make sure that your support is provided through a dedicated point of contact to ensure a consistently high level of service. 

We’ve been pioneering virtual working since 2008. Our SmartPAs support you remotely. However we can provide on-site help, when required. 

Our clients often experience busy and quiet periods throughout the year. While we do not transfer unused hours, we are always proactive in scaling your package down in those spells where you need us less. In those circumstances, SmartPA will notify you and suggest ways that to get the most out of your package with, for example, extra help for social media, research or document production. 

Absolutely. We offer a bespoke introductory session between you and your SmartPA so they can fully understand your requirements and how you work productively together. If need be, we can provide biographies of specific SmartPAs to better select the right one for you, depending on the skills you need most. 

Your SmartPA’s time is your own, to use as suits you best. You can utilize a SmartPA to support your personal life, such as organizing travel arrangements or looking after your household finances.

Our SmartPAs mainly offer 9-6 operation. However we can provide support 24/7 if required to help your company flourish. Give us a call and we can create your very own bespoke package.

In the way that works for you. From phone and email to WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams and Zoom, we’ll integrate with your internal communication systems.